Buying strategist

PLAS Buying team is responsible for defining the work that precedes purchases. We provide support to buyers and companies staying updated on changes between buying and selling periods.

Our approach is custom-made with a focus on the analysis previously conducted with the client.


We specialize in crucial steps prior to the start of the sales campaign, such as defining the seasonal buying budget for each sales channel, this is achieved through a meticulous analysis of past performance and a forecast of future sales.

We also focus on preparing purchasing strategies that promote sustainable growth for the company and buyers’ training. During the sales campaign, we are an operative support for both digital and physical orders, either by ourself and in collaboration with our clients. We do scouting activities and we offer suggestions regarding new trends and interesting brands. We support and train buyers in data analysis and we collaborate with management to share strategies aimed at improve sales performance and staff training.

On the other hand, thanks to the experiences and connections developed and maintained over the years, we could provide tangible support in visual merchandising, to enhance new collections. We also facilitate relationships and negotiations with architects and contractors during stores renovations, as well as assist in the search for new locations.


Alessandro Locati

Buying strategist