PLAS Administration team offers valuable support to the entrepreneur in understanding the health of the company, going beyond the simple accounting result, reworking the data generated by its structure in a new perspective.

A good cash flow allows you to seize market opportunities and to add value to sales performance by accelerating the product receipt process by promoting sales with a better margin. Thanks to the constant updating of accounting data, the entrepreneur can monitor the company’s progress in real time.


For each season, together with all the PLAS departments, we create indications on the organization of spaces, times and workforce starting from the purchasing budgets. In this way, we can anticipate the numbers and predict the economic and financial needs of the company, outlining the best sales strategies.
We verify the consistency of sales by checking between the reports provided by the online platforms and those generated in the company.

Thanks to our expertise, we can suggest the optimal integration between warehouse management and accounting systems to simplify the work of company resources and automate processes. We analyze costs in detail, promote professional growth and apply customized solutions to business needs.


Laura Vallari